Friday, November 30, 2018

"Morgal" EP by Morgal

Black Metal from Finland.

Release Date 30 November 2018.

WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present MORGAL's highly anticipated new mini-album, Morgal, on CD and 12" vinyl format. Hailing from the forever-fertile Finnish black metal underground, MORGAL are one of that scene's best-kept secrets. With two of its members not even yet into their 20s, these ravenous young men have crafting absolutely electric, beWITCHing metal since their formation in 2014. To date, their releases have been incredibly limited or just plain impossible to attain - their debut album, 2016's Käärmesielu, was released in an edition of only 20 copies - but with Morgal, their wolfish cry shall now be heard far and wide. Fence-sitters and the false, your days are numbered.

Comprising a mere 15 minutes, the four songs making up Morgal are some of the most immediately exciting heavy metal of recent times, but draped in the velvety wings of ancient blackness. Each of these anthems literally explodes from the speakers with a rabid intensity and cocksure exuberance that are simply impossible to resist, each a hideous, hungry torrent of wild soloing, near-chaotically careening rhythm, and frothing-mad vox. They all exude the ageless wisdom of true black METAL - so ageless, in fact, that you'd be forgiven for mistaking Morgal as the work of very old men - but given frantic flight through youthful elan that's enviously advanced for their age.Morgal is a chain-breaking, sword-drawing, spell-invoking experience like no other...and then, as explosively as it began, it's over.

Band Members:
Lord Warmoon - Bass,Vocals
SS Exiler - Drums
Crusher - Guitar

Digital and CD (Werewolf Records, Bandcamp)

Friday, November 16, 2018

"Den Sista Vilobädden" by Isgärde

Pagan Black Metal, Sweden.

Release 16 November 2018.

Isgärde is a solo project from Öland, founded by Somath in 2016, this is the artist behind all instruments and vocals. His work is based on the main idea to create black metal with a lyrical concept around the Swedish island Öland, with themes about solitude and nature. Soundwise, the music is shaped by heavy melodies and hints of both folk- and viking metal conveying into an atmospheric style of pagan black metal, with great melodies in their riffs.  Recommended!

Digital (Isgärde/Bandcamp)

Band Members:
Somath: Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards.

"Безглуздість!" by Krukh

Atmospheric and Experimental Black Metal from US.

Released 26 October 2018.

Krukh debut album came out through Fallen Empire Records on the 26 of October following their Split "Torment Is Flesh" that came out on tape back in June under the same label. The album and tracks are in Ukranian but it translates to Absurdity.

Krukh are a three member band with Shawn Eldridge of Abysmal Gates and Death Fortress on the Drums,  Nizam Salimbayev and Markov Soroka (also member of Tchornobog, Aureole, Drown) from Russia and Ukraine on the strings and vocals. Three very gifted musicians that come from very diverse backgrounds, embodying their heritage through their music. "Безглуздість!" is a really good album full of deep emotion and craftsmanship.

"An unholy trinity of musicians creating a caustic torrent of melodic whorror."

Pre-orders for the cassette and LP are up on the Fallen Empire store now, until the 18th November.

Digital (Krukh & Fallen Empire Records/Bandcamp)

Band Members:
Shawn Eldridge - Drums
Nizam Salimbayev - Lead Guitars
Markov Soroka - Guitars / Bass / Vocals

"Necroroots" EP by Necroroots

Black Metal from Mexico.

Released 12 January 2018.

Necroroots self titled debut EP was released this year through Silentium in Foresta Records on CD format. Necroroots are a two man band from Mexico with a very raw sound influenced by bands like Burzum and Darkthrone with lyrics about liberating the mind from religion…really wicket stuff remaining faithful to the rusty rot of the origins of Black metal in its most raw, sharp and deathly way. A dark and atmospheric EP you’ll enjoy.

Band Members:
Olimpo: Drums and Bass
Knot: Guitars and Vocals

Digital (Necroroots/Bandcamp)

Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Integra" EP by Anomalie

Black Metal from Austria.

Release Date 9 November 2018.

Anomalie is an Austrian Atmospheric Black Metal band founded by multi-instrumentalist Marrok, also member of Harakiri for the Sky. Authenticity,  creativity and passion since 2011, is the foundament where the band's will lies to surpass the past by constantly evolving those intense soundscapes that became their trademark.

The new EP 'Integra' delivers almost half an hour of haunting atmospheric music that underlines what made ANOMALIE's most recent full-length release 'Visions' such a farreaching and emotional experience.

The four highly dynamic new tracks comprising the EP reveal Marrok's strong connection to his black metal roots clearer than ever, all while opening the gates to a profound musical voyage telling of metaphysical reincarnation and ways to manifest your very own identity beyond social and cultural barriers.

ANOMALIE lineup 2018
Christian "Marrok" Brauch - vocals, guitars, bass, synths, percussions
Lukas Schlintl - drums

Digital, Gatefold LP and CD (Art Of Propaganda Records, Bandcamp)

AOP Records (US Shop)
AOP Records (EU Shop)

Friday, November 2, 2018

"The Last Supper" by Non Est Deus

Black Metal from Bamberg, Germany.

CD Release Date December 2018 through A Pile Of Graves Records.

Band Info:
Non Est Deus. There is no god. And if there was a god, he has forsaken us.
Only corruption and greed. And this is your messiah? And he is claimed to redeem us?
A rotten teeth in the mouth of society.
Religion. The hostage of the world.
Spring 2018. To much hate to stay silent. The album „The Last Supper“ was released. To fill the deaf ears of a robotic society with anger and truth. One project. One goal. The end of all religion.

Album Info:
"The Last Supper“ is a concept album. A human being is called by a voice to climb up a mountain to present its own body as a sacrifice to the gods. But this time in a different way.
Limbs are cut off and made to dishes like eyeball on caramel sauce and steak on vegetables.
Four songs describe the sacrifice and the pure madness accompanies with it.
In the end the supper is a symbol for the self-destructive submission that’s comes with every religion on this planet.

Digital and CD (Non Est Deus, Bandcamp and A Pile Of Graves Records)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"Visits From The Nighthag Part 1" by The Projectionist

Black Metal from Canada.

Release Date 31-October-2018.

The Projectionist (formerly Lord Matzigkeitus) is a project of pure Hellthundering black metal. Invoking spellcasting through isolation, and darkness.

Ever since laying the foundation of THE PROJECTIONIST in 2015, Lörd Matzigkeitus (Diabolus Amator, The Black Sorcery, Thy Sepulchral Moon, ex-Idolatry) and his tenebrous army have pushed the boundaries of black metal cult. Each release morphing to a new direction from its previous sonic hellscape under the cloak of his arcane, twisting and evolving voice.

“Visits from the NightHag Part 1” is the glorious theatrical third full length of the band, released via Appalachian Noise Records on vinyl LP format (in 3 different color variations, limited to 300 copies).

Lörd Matzigkeitus informs:

“Visits from the NightHag Part 1 is the first installment of the Projectionist’s two-part magnum opus. A jarring, unsettling concept album that unravels the story of a projectionist, accosted by night terrors that induce sleep paralysis so powerful his limbs are to be amputated. The vicious, cryptic NightHag covets what magics she knows him to possess. She will summon all the forces of hell to steal them from him and slaughter all he holds dear...”

Explore a masterpiece of subversive, haunting orchestrations, laid to waste by a building fury of raw black metal from the coldest reaches of the North. Told in the manner of a Shakespearean play with guest vocals from Caeser Tiberius (Ides of Winter), the arcane Aven Haunts and a funeral choir.

Black metal’s borders are being smashed down. Come venture beyond the walls of what was....

Digital and Vynil (The Projectionist, Appalachian Noise Records/Bandcamp)