Monday, July 23, 2018

"Nostalgia" EP by Coldworld

Black Metal from Germany.

Released 23-July-2018.

Coldworld, is a one-man band created in 2005 by Georg Börner (all instruments, vocals and lyrics). This year it has returned with a couple of EP's ("Interludium" and "Nostalgia" both in July) and a split with Farsot titled "Toteninsel" in September.

"Nostalgia" caught my eye as it's a good tribute to 90s black metal, not a repertoire of old covers but original music in raw 90s style, with great cold atmospheres and an old school sound. Recommended!

Digital and CD (Coldworld/Bandcamp)

Friday, July 13, 2018

"Att Öde Vara" EP by Svältvinter

Black Metal, Sweden.

Released 13 July 2018.

This self released EP came out in July on bandcamp. Killer straightforward, fast-paced black metal with venomous harsh vocals and catchy riffs. Recommended, Check it out!

Digital and CD (Svältvinter / Bandcamp)

Band Members:
Skogsfödd: Drums
Fjällvind: Bass
Irrbloss: Guitar
Svältrot: Vocals
Cornicula: Guitar

Monday, July 9, 2018

"Visions Of Doom" EP by Finis

Black/Death Metal from Germany.

Released on 9-July-2018.

First time I've listened to Finis, a mysterious trio from Germany,  and to their debut EP "Visions of Doom" relesed by Iron Bonehead Productions on CD and 12" vinyl format. The CD version shall include the band's sold-out debut demo, At One With Nothing, as bonus tracks.

It is best described by the label as a ghostly and gangrenous creation with their compositions patiently building, swirling about the listener in an entrancing haze, and then layers fall off while others are built back upon, creating further trance - and even more tension. It's subtly bewitching, and more so uniquely done when placed within the wider context of the modern black/death underground.

Digital, CD and Vynil (Iron Bonehead Productions/Bandcamp)

Friday, July 6, 2018

"III" by Teuras

Black Metal, Finland.

Release Date July 2018

This three member band has been active since 2013 with their third album "III" being released this summer. Overall is a good black metal album with some tracks having intense fast blasts beats I enjoyed such "Diabolus Ab Inferi" and "Return to Winterborgir" being my favourite, other tracks are perhaps more generic and reminiscent of Immortal and Abbath but still enjoyable and confident many of you will appreciate this album.

Band Members:
Suu - Vocals & Guitar,
Sorkka - Bass
Tauti - Drums

Digital (Teuras, Bandcamp)

Physical copies direct from the band also.

"Order of Vengeance" by Runespell

Black Metal from Australia.

Released 6-July-2018.

Hailing from the shit-hot true Australian black metal scene, Runespell is the work of one Nightwolf, considered by those in the know to be arguably the busiest man in OZBM, maintaining as he does the equally prolific Eternum and Blood Stronghold. While bearing aesthetic similarities to those two bands - this is the purest, most mystical black metal after all - Runespell is a majestic rumination on the mysteries of war and bloodshed, vengeance and valor, memory and destiny.

Order of Vengeance is the second album that followed shortly after the first album "Unhallowed Blood Oath", also released by Iron Bonehead last year.

Digital, LP and CD (Runespell & Iron Bonehead Productions/Bandcamp and Store)