Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Bàrdachd Cogaidh" by BELLICISTE

Black Metal from New Zealand (band currently resides in Slovakia or Serbia not sure).

Released 22 September 2018.

"Corrosive black METAL returns!! The second album by BELLICISTE - the sole creation of Krigeist (BARSHASKETH, BRON). Amid tales of war, honour and Germanic, Māori and Celtic mythology, BELLICISTE deliver blistering raw metal; a ceaseless onslaught of killer riffs!" (Todestrieb Records)

"Bàrdachd Cogaidh" presents old styled, furious and hateful Black Metal with a slashing sound and with eight black venomous psalms that are both summoning a devastating aura and in the same time keeping the material floating with raw sombre melancholies and infinite paralyzing darkness. (Sigillvm Tenebrae Records)

Digital and CD (Belliciste, Sigillvm Tenebrae Records/Bandcamp, Werewolf Promotion and Todestrieb Records)