HURLEMENTS SUR LA TOUNDRA, A New Radio Show Starting on Saturday 3-November-2018

A French-Language show from the Canadian Artic dedicated to Black Metal has joined our forces, every second Saturday on Black Void Radio 12pm EDT • 9pm PDT • 11 CDT  in the US / 5am GMT • 6am CET • 7am EET Europe's Time Zone. 

The only one of its kind in the French language, and one that presents an important but often overlooked aspect of contemporary Francophone and Canadian culture. In addition, this show actively supports projects from the underground scene as well as those from remote areas, most of which would otherwise never have their songs played on the air. It offers an impressive vision and scale of diversity in terms of aesthetics and musical execution. Where songs can be short, raw and performed in punk-rock fashion, there can also be lengthy, ambitious compositions marked by progressive, symphonic or even conceptual complexities. It is worth noting too, where the Canadian context is concerned, that there is a great many influential groups that have come out of Canada and that there are many still contributing to Black Metal. In particular, there is an amazingly dynamic and productive scene in Québec, where we can even speak of an actual movement of “Métal noir québecois.

“HURLEMENTS”, hosted by Nafre, is a sociological and philosophical exploration of Black Metal as a phenomenon. During each show, specific themes are used to explore the values conveyed through the lyrics, the esthetics favored in compositions, the philosophy and motivations that inspire the artists in their art, and the historical development of the genre, the tendencies of particular regional scenes, and so forth.... in short, anything to arrive at the essence of Black Metal. As well, it sometimes goes beyond the music, using Black Metal songs to color readings of notable texts, such as Lautréamont's Les chants de Maldoror, the poetry of Nélligan or Lozeau, the novel Là-Bas by Huysmans or the chronicle Les Patriotes de 1837-1838 by David. The show mainly try to explore French-Canadian Black Metal, but it also plunges into international scenes, where often the genre finds regional expressions in native languages.

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This black metal radio show hosted by Hellpreacher from Merciless Onslaught (Texas) has joined forces with Black Void Radio. His Live Desecrations will be Every Full Moon! First show takes place on Tuesday May 29th at 10pm BST (British Summer Time) /4pm CDT (US Central Daylight Time). Don't miss it, three hours of relentless Black Metal.

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Infernal Obliteration has joined Black Void Radio with shows taking place forthnightly on Wednesday night, a radio show solely dedicated to black metal since 2010.

Featuring old school, traditional, second wave, and orthodox black metal bands from all over the globe.

Covering all subgenres from raw, occult, ambient, atmospheric, depressive, noise, pagan, viking, symphonic, melodic, to blackened death, of course including blackened thrash for those kicks of adrenaline as well.

Established and unsigned bands.

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Three hours of chaos and insanity covering raw, weird and obscure black metal.  Fortnightly on Fridays  for Black Void Radio 8pm BST (UK time zone) / 3pm EDT (US Eastern Day Time in US). A show hosted by Izedis from Enbilulugugal.

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A sinister and dark ambient session!

These series hosted by M.C. feature black metal intros, outros, interludes, instrumental, as well as  neofolk, dark ambient, martial industrial, dungeon synth and ritual dark ambient. An impromptu slot taking place fortnightly on Wednesday nights, no voice breaks only music!

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Two hours of black metal observance, fortnightly every Sunday afternoon on Black Void Radio 8pm BST (UK time zone) / 3pm EDT (US Eastern Day Time in US). A show hosted by Robert Anglum from The Soggy Bog of Doom. Lots of stellar new tunes, black metal obscurities and legendary classics. Tune into our channels and listen to these two hours of mayhem and decadence.
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