Friday, November 2, 2018

"The Last Supper" by Non Est Deus

Black Metal from Bamberg, Germany.

CD Release Date December 2018 through A Pile Of Graves Records.

Band Info:
Non Est Deus. There is no god. And if there was a god, he has forsaken us.
Only corruption and greed. And this is your messiah? And he is claimed to redeem us?
A rotten teeth in the mouth of society.
Religion. The hostage of the world.
Spring 2018. To much hate to stay silent. The album „The Last Supper“ was released. To fill the deaf ears of a robotic society with anger and truth. One project. One goal. The end of all religion.

Album Info:
"The Last Supper“ is a concept album. A human being is called by a voice to climb up a mountain to present its own body as a sacrifice to the gods. But this time in a different way.
Limbs are cut off and made to dishes like eyeball on caramel sauce and steak on vegetables.
Four songs describe the sacrifice and the pure madness accompanies with it.
In the end the supper is a symbol for the self-destructive submission that’s comes with every religion on this planet.

Digital and CD (Non Est Deus, Bandcamp and A Pile Of Graves Records)

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