Monday, May 28, 2018

"Abeloth" by Snøgg

We've added to our playlist Snøgg, a two member act from Slovenia that plays a very peculiar style of experimental black metal, with a very distinctive dark and powerful sound that stands out from the generic traditional bands. They inject lots of different elements with and orthodox feel and improvised dynamic composition style that captivates the listener with their dissonant and harrowing sound.  Great obscure mid tempo atmospheres accompanied by violin, guitar solos and narrations. The album is based on Star Wars legend and later mixed with the dark poetry of Georg Trakl.

The Creation and recording of Abeloth is comprised by a series of performances at Brno and in Ljubljana in October 2016, and in Maribor in November of the same year. Originally performed without drums as Mørk could not make it but it was the first performance that included guests on stage.

Aninø Üfo Letherbee, a renowned classical orchestral and solo violinist joined Ulv (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Køzhl (bass) and Neo-Cymex formerly known as Ampulex Dementor (noisescapes, special fx) for the experiment. On the second and third performances, Mørke returned and Azbuka (noise, field recordings) joined the team. As expected, each edition of Abeloth sounded different and after November, the band never played the whole song again, rather played some kind of derivatives of the song, little pieces or a song with no name, unofficially called Abeloth 2. Vrag (vocals) also joined in on many of those implementations.

In May 2017, the team went to the studio and recorded the tracks for the EP. It was done in the same way as the concerts, a total improvisation. The latest addition to the roster was Zeench, who recorded guitar solos for The Servant – The Mother, and after months of editing and mixing, the Abeloth EP was born and available for purchase through Bandcamp. 

Ulv - guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Rituals
Mørke - Drumms, Spells

Additional Musicians:
Aninø Üfo Letherbee - Violin
Køzhl - Bass 
Vrag - Vocals
Azbuka - Noise, field Recordings
Neo-Cymex formerly known as Ampulex Dementor - Narration
Zeench - Guitar Solo 

Friday, May 11, 2018

"Occulta religiO" by Abhor (Italy)

Abhor are a veritable institution of Italian occult and esoteric black metal with an unmistakable ritual feel.

Formed in 1995 by Domine Saevum Graven and Ulfhedhnir in the northeast of Italy, the band began with a passion for black metal music and the study of esoteric arts. Less like a band and more like a congregation, they represent a form of global art that embraces all its elements (musical, visual and literal art).

Their first release came in 1998, with the first demo tape "In Tuo Honori Prepartum". From there on, Abhor released six full length albums with a number of labels, doing honorable underground work.

Their new offering "Occulta religiO",  is available through Iron Bonehead Productions, releasing this month Abhor's highly anticipated seventh album on CD, vinyl LP and cassette format.

'Occulta religiO" conjures the usual stylistic brand of sinister melodies, heavy and very dark riffing, demonic screams, keyboard notes and recitations in clean vocals alongside concepts of occult, esotericism, alchemy, witchcraft, Satanism and dark folklore.