Friday, May 11, 2018

"Occulta religiO" by Abhor (Italy)

Black Metal from Italy.

Released May 2018.

Abhor are a veritable institution of Italian occult and esoteric black metal with an unmistakable ritual feel.

Formed in 1995 by Domine Saevum Graven and Ulfhedhnir in the northeast of Italy, the band began with a passion for black metal music and the study of esoteric arts. Less like a band and more like a congregation, they represent a form of global art that embraces all its elements (musical, visual and literal art).

Their first release came in 1998, with the first demo tape "In Tuo Honori Prepartum". From there on, Abhor released six full length albums with a number of labels, doing honorable underground work.

Their new offering "Occulta religiO",  is available through Iron Bonehead Productions, releasing this month Abhor's highly anticipated seventh album on CD, vinyl LP and cassette format.

'Occulta religiO" conjures the usual stylistic brand of sinister melodies, heavy and very dark riffing, demonic screams, keyboard notes and recitations in clean vocals alongside concepts of occult, esotericism, alchemy, witchcraft, Satanism and dark folklore.



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