Tuesday, May 29, 2018

“Gaqtaqaiaq” EP by Ifernach

Raw Black Metal from Québec, Canada.

Released March 2018.

When it comes to the Québécois Black Metal scene, Ifernach is a strong new solo project that shouldn’t go amiss. I first heard and listened Ifernach thanks to Corde Raide Productions when in 2016 it released a batch of 50 tapes of  the first EP Laments of Ériu and I was sold at first hearing.

The brain and soul behind Ifernach, is Finian Patraic who writes all lyrics in French covering subjects and tales of native ancestry, forgotten ancient souls, cults and old rituals from the Gaspé Peninsula in Canada (a province of Quebec). And hence, he describes his music as Gaspesian black metal.

Soundwise, expect a rough and raw production with fierce fast riffing and chaotic black metal with some thrash and punk influence, interwoven with traditional mid paced and additional atmospheric elements of ambient and acoustic to channel your mind into lands of ancient Gaspesian native past. 

Gaqtaqaiaq is his new (3rd) EP released this spring via Nekrart on CD format, containing a beautiful booklet with lyrics and images in full colour and also in tape format via Les Productions Heretiques.

I believe there are still a few tapes available for Vestige Gaspesien, the Ifernach/Victime Quelconque Split by the way via Corde Raide Productions.

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