Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Unbound" by Sargeist

Black Metal/Melodic Black Metal from Finland.

Released Date October 2018.

"...‘Unbound’ is both important and imposing as a black metal album in 2018 for its undeniable melodic scent and violently classic expression. It is poignant reminder of the effective thrust and utter nihilistic furor that black metal holds without complication or feigned modernism. Beyond what Sargeist represent in black metal’s torrid landscape of indifference and parody ‘Unbound’ is a vital and energetic guitar album that channels and distills the undying will of man to destroy everything vital for his existence and for that reason I have to highly recommend it. The experience and composition are both undeniably brilliant..." (by Grizzly Butts Review)

Digital and CD (W.T. C. Productions, Bandcamp)

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