Saturday, April 21, 2018

You Shall Be There..." by Cryptic Wanderings



Black Metal from Spain.

Released June 2017.

From the depths of the Spanish Underground Black Metal scene "You Shall Be There..." is the new debut album of Spanish horde CRYPTIC WANDERINGS. A band from Zaragoza formed out of the ashes of AMNION, taking the name of this band's full length album as their band name and continuing the worship of old black metal. Drizzt of Spanish black metallers Empty is one of the main writers behind the band with member Santi of Ataraxy, as well as Nemac (Empty) on the bass and Gionata Potenti a.k.a. Omega and Thorns (Fides Inversa, Darvaza, Chaos Invocation) on the drums.
A grim and sinister fast paced album that take their own tormented style into a darkened journey that gives praise to the old ways yet with more modern overtones and great production. Highly recommended!

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